Security Audit Services

iSec offers security audit services. These audits include applications, Operating systems, Networks and policy. Details of these audit processes are as below:

Policy Audit

Policy Audit service are deals with auditing of security policies. With our experience in dealing with various diverse systems and policies, we offer a unique combination of audit as well as technology skills. Policy Audits helps clients to recognises their weaknesses and strengths as formulated in their policies and take adequate measures to reach standards prevalent elsewhere in this area.

Application Security

iSec looks into applications and audits existing policies on applications keeping in view the objectives of the client organisation in terms of security. We also help clients develop secure and state of art applications through our solutions which are indicated elsewhere on this site.

Operating System Security

Operating system is the backbone which provides the platform on which applications are hosted. ISec has extensive experience in plugging the known vulnerabilities and hardening the operating system for client use. Audit services also help the client in understanding the weaknesses which exist in the system.

Network Security

Network security audit service audits the security of the network. This service looks into the areas of confidentiality, authentication and data integrity. iSec solutions team is capable of building these features on any network using standard protocols.iSec also helps clients in proper selection of network security appliances like Firewalls, IDS's, Antivirus software and PKI solutions.