Addressing the Information Security need of clients in India and abroad, iSec has designed compliance practice to help clients meet the rigors of ISO 27001 standards. iSec performs this task with the help of following practices.

ISO 27001C(ISO 27001 Compliance)

This practice is aimed at providing end to end compliance services to clients. This covers

  • Defining Security Policy
  • Asset Classification and Risk Treatment
  • Procedure Writing
  • Implementation
  • Stage1 and Stage 2 Audit assistance

ISO 27001I (ISO 27001 Implementation)

Implementing the controls of ISO 27001 is the focus of this practice. iSec Consultants help prospective clients to implement the standard in their organisation.

ISO 27001S (ISO 27001 Surveillance)

iSec helps its clients in ensuring successful compliance of policies and procedures though out the year. iSec consultants ensure this compliance by doing spot checks of compliance in organisations which are already ISO 27001 compliant. Frequency of these checks is determined based on client needs.