broker compliance services

iSec offers focused Information security services to members of stock exchanges. Details of these services are as below:

Designing and Implementing Information Security Policies

iSec provides assistance in designing and implementing security policies for the infrastructure in use by the members. This includes design of Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Plans, backup Policies, Access Control Policies, Application Security Policies and Capacity Management Plans. Besides these policies, iSec consultants also provide assistance in drafting user agreements for Internet based trading systems.

Information Security Compliance Audits

iSec, with its vast experience of having audited various broker infrastructures across India has experienced consultants to perform Information Security Audits for broking as well as depository infrastructure (quarterly and half yearly internal audits)We do these compliance audits for following.

  • Internet Based Trading (IBT)/CTCL
  • STWT
  • Algo Audits
  • Mock Audit

Information Security Training (IBT Security and ISAM training)

Information Security training provided by iSec, covers Information Security issues in Internet Based Trading and depository operations. Besides these training iSec also provides training for the certification examination for ISAM, which was designed by iSec for NSE.

Infrastructure Assessment and Selection Services

iSec provides assistance to the members in selection of adequate Security infrastructure for purposes of broking activities. Assessment of existing security devices and recommendations for improvement are provided as a part of our professional services to the members.