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Information Security is one area, which is being talked about in the companies with increasing frequency, as the companies are realizing the importance of ‘information’ per se. Today information, whether it is in paper form, electronic data or even the intellectual property, is treated as a vital asset of an organization. This realization can be attributed to the escalating number of attacks targeted at ‘information’-be it modifying the information, destroying it, or simply obtaining it.

However, these malicious attacks are not the only source for compromising an organization’s information. Statistics reveal that up to 70% of all security incidents are caused by human error or ignorance!! Do the companies realize this? Probably not; which is why in spite of the high-tech security controls, the organization is unable to protect its information.

It is for the organizations to understand that once the technical controls are put in place, the next step for them is to make the management and the employees realize the significance of information and to explain them their role in securing the information.

n other words, what an organization needs is a well-designed and implemented training and awareness programme. iSec provides online Information Security Education and Trainings, to concerned individuals and organizations, through its highly competent and professional consultants using online tools on

iSec provides the following trainings in the area of Information Security: