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Most people are unaware that if they handle credit cards, they are obliged to follow a set of rules called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Depending on how many credit cards you handle, this can range from quarterly scans of your network, to requiring exhaustive independent audits.

The cost of not complying can range from severe – having your ability to process credit card payments suspended or cancelled – to catastrophic – paying millions of dollars in compensation as well as hundreds of thousands in punitive fines to the card issuer if you’re the victim of an attack.

iSec services can assist you with PCI compliance, whether you simply need help filling out the questionnaire, or need full level 1 compliance. iSec services offers gap analysis – and we help you overcome this issue. Unlike other organizations that would push you for the regulation, our experts will check to see if you actually need it or can do without it.