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A major concern for corporates worldwide is their security on the network, be it Internet or Intranet. Reports reveal a steady ascend in the number of hacking attempts and breaches over the network for the past few years. Considerable financial losses, amounting close to billions of dollars, have been reported every year by corporates. More importantly the trust of their clients or customers is shaken up, if not lost.

With the growing popularity of the Network, eluding from it is not the solution; securing it is. This is where iSec Services Pvt. Ltd. steps in. iSec brings its vast experience in the area of Information Security to help businesses around the world in securing their infrastructure against malicious attempts of insiders as well as outsiders. iSec couples its specialized skills and critical experience in Information Security to help businesses in detecting their security lapses in applications, operating systems, networking design and the Internet.

The potential damage due to a security lapse needs to be assessed and compared to the cost incurred by the company in securing it. This is where iSec holds the edge. Our efforts are leveraged by the huge Indian talent in Information Technology, helping us in providing complete outsourcing of security professionals at client sites. Our Indian leverage helps us provide better, faster and cheaper solutions to our clients worldwide.