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ISO 27001 Security Training

“Information is the most important asset of any organization”

Did you ever wonder why? Why is it that majority of the malicious attacks on organizations are targeted at information? What are the basic steps for ensuring that your organization’s information assets are not hit by such attacks? …

“ISO 27001 is the fastest growing internationally recognized specification and guidance for managing Information Security issues in any organization.” What is this much-talked-about ISO 27001? Can you benefit from this certification? How does an organization go about getting this certification? …

“Why are the organizations going for ISO 27001 certification?”

Are there any standards other than ISO27001 that you can go for in case you want to secure your organization? Will this certification help in strengthening customer and client confidence?

These and many more questions in your mind regarding Information Security will be answered in the Comprehensive Implementation Workshop organized by iSec, which aims at providing hands-on Information Security training to the delegates. For more details regarding this training  contact us  and we will get back to you at the earliest, with all the information you require.